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Ai [userpic]
[subbed] VSA #6 - Nankai Candies

ah! finally!

i requested the translation from capncosmo, but this one took a longgggggggg time to sub coz i have so many things to do in between..travelling, exams, etc..n my HD crashed so i had to redo it.. gomen, capncosmo... m(_ _)m

so here it is..episode 6 of VS Arashi with Nankai Candies as the guests!




It turned out that before Shizu-chan 'fell in love' with Aiba, Jun was her 'boyfriend'! XDDDDDDD


Any mistake in the sub is due to my inability to understand Nihonggo.. The original translation can be found HERE. Please drop a nice comment there for her hard work!

Download links:

MediaFire (uploaded by mtraversim): 001 002 003

Thanx mtraversim!

PS: i spotted a couple of mistakes in the sub.. XD

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wow... thank u very much for subbing.

thank you :)


Thanks so much<333

YAY! VSA!! I love you Ai *glomps* Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I've been missing VS XD

*is glomped* XDDDD

owh ai-chan~ arigatou.......... =)
otsukaresama deshita~ hahahaha...... nankai candies + arashi... thats crack me up..... hohhooho

woah~ oh-chan~ wild n sexy! XD

i loveeee this episode! ^^

thank you!

thank you for this =)

Thank you! ^^

Haha, this will be fun! Thank you for subbing :D

yay~ thanks for this! I remember the guest from SnA I think. She likes aiba! ^_^

yup! that's Shizu-chan, the one that almost molested Aiba in shukudai XDDDDD

XDDD The girl that was also on Shukudai~ Thanks!

thank you

Thank you so much!

ah thank you so much!
Taking the megaupload link

Awesome! Thank you so much!!!